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These Terms are intended to regulate access and use of the website ( as well as access to the blog, which is purely informative and non-commercial. The content and information on the website are not confidential, do not establish a relationship between LAS Advocacia and users, and the published content is not directed at children or adolescents; therefore, no age assessment is made.  

Access to implies acceptance, commitment, and responsibility to respect the conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions, Data Protection and Privacy, and Cookie Policy.  

These terms may be periodically amended, by publication on the LAS website, without the need for prior and express consent of the data subject. Any substantial changes will be communicated with the degree of publicity corresponding to their relevance, through highlighted online publication, or if warranted, through individualized communication to data subjects.  

On the website, you will find information about the office, such as practice areas, email address, and contact phone number, as well as informative material through our blog on topics of interest to the office.  


Processing of Personal Data Provided by the User 


Personal data will only be processed by LAS Advocacia for as long as it is necessary and suitable for the purposes that justified its collection, always observing the legal bases for processing. 

 What data will be processed? The name and email provided directly by you on our website through the contact form. 

 Why do we use this data? The data you provide will be used so that LAS Advocacia can respond to the message(s) sent. 


Rights of the Data Subject 


In accordance with applicable law, we guarantee your right to access, update, rectify, delete, and withdraw consent for your personal data. You can exercise your rights through the email: 


Indirect Processing of Personal Data 


Through cookies and third-party plug-ins sent to your browser by Hostinger to our content management system. 

 Some cookies are strictly necessary for the site’s operation, and under no circumstances can we identify the user/data subject from the cookies. 


What are the limits of LAS Advocacia’s liability? 


LAS Advocacia makes its best efforts to ensure that the information on the website is current and accurate and to keep your data secure in accordance with ethics and applicable law. 

 LAS Advocacia, under no circumstances, assumes responsibility for any indirect, incidental, or extraordinary damages, whether contractual or extracontractual, that may result from its actions or omissions, as the articles published on the website are purely informative content. 

 LAS Advocacia is not responsible for technical failures or any other problems that may prevent access and proper functioning of the website. 


Usage Limits 


Users undertake to use the platform in a safe and ethical manner, as well as to report any incidents through the email so that we can investigate the situation and act accordingly. 


Final Provisions


 Under no circumstances do we trade your data with third parties. Your data will only be used to fulfill the purpose expressly identified above, which we carry out through Hostinger, the company that hosts our site.  

All LAS Advocacia users assume responsibility for the accuracy of the personal data provided for contact purposes. Your privacy and security are fundamental to us. 

 The Terms and Conditions of LAS Advocacia were last updated on June 15, 2023, and are governed and interpreted in accordance with applicable law. 

 Through these Terms and Conditions, we aim to be as transparent as possible about the processing of your personal data. If you have any incidents, require further information, or have requests, please contact us via email: 



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